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Tue, Oct 21 2014, 8:39:36 am MST

New CIVL President needed

New CIVL President needed

Agust Gudmundsonn being kicked upstairs

At the FAI General Conference in Pattaya, Thailand, this weekend a new FAI Executive Board was elected.  The fact I was elected as FAI Executive Board member is the reason for this message to you.

Being a FAI Executive Board member does not allow a position in Airsport commissions.  There is a transition period for all of us until the next Plenary meeting of our commissions.  This means I will step down as CIVL President at the next Plenary in Belgrade.

At the next Plenary CIVL will vote for new President and Bureau for a two years term.  Please consider if you are a good candidate for either President or Bureau and willing to contribute to our sport.  Also think about possible other candidates from the delegates list for either positions and see if they are willing to contribute.

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Tue, Oct 21 2014, 8:39:18 am MST

Facebook Event pages

Facebook Event pages

For the 2015 Big Spring Nationals and the Quest Air Open National Championships N28+31.982+,W081+50.800+,Quest+Air,+Groveland,+Florida,+USA(Quest Air, Groveland, Florida, USA)

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Tue, Oct 21 2014, 8:39:01 am MST

Bids?  Got any bids?

Bids?  Got any bids?

Deadline extended

CIVL Bureau decided to extend the deadline to submit bids for Category 1 competitions in 2017.  The deadline is now the same as the deadline for Plenary Proposals, which is 60 days before the Plenary in Belgrad, Serbia, which is mid December.

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Tue, Oct 21 2014, 8:38:45 am MST

Spill over from Michoacán

Spill over from Michoacán

The authorities freed the kidnapped people in Valle de Bravo 19.061307,-100.086393,Valle+de+Bravo,+Mexico(Valle de Bravo, Mexico)

As you surely now, recently there have been circulating some news regarding kidnapping and serious insecurity problem in Valle de Bravo.  Yes, we had a problem with kidnapping in Valle de Bravo last month, but now, the Federal Police together with the Mexican army and Mexican marines got into Valle with more than 1000 elements right after the events took place.

Law forces already caught more than 10 criminals including head culprits and freed safely the kidnapped people and will monitoring the area for the following months or until necessary.

The Mexican bureau of intelligence explain that this situation is a consequence of a very big military intervention in the neighbour state at Michoacán over the last months where this kind of violence was pretty bad, so the result were that some criminals ran out into the State of Mexico (where Valle de Bravo is located)

Valle de Bravo is a preferred holiday weekend destination for several of the most important businessman and Mexican leaders, so authorities reacted rapidly and efficiently in controlling this situation.

The unfortunate violence is in control and the State of México Government can guarantee right now that foreigners and national tourism can travel safely in Valle de Bravo.

The next FAI XX World Hang Gliding Championship as well as the Paragliding Championship are the most important sporting and tourist events in the State of Mexico so the Governor gave instruction to provide all necessary support to make a safe and fun competition as always has been… Now we are confident and feel again very safe when we are in Valle.

(The above text was created using optical character recognition on the scan of the printed page contained in the linked PDF, and compared to the original manually, maintained as in the original written by "Ing. Jose Pena Buenrostro, FEMEDA (NAC Mexico) President".)

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Tue, Oct 21 2014, 8:35:23 am MST

1000km Atacama Crossing

1000km Atacama Crossing

Moving north through a dry desert -27.574938,-70.073547,Chile(Chile)

François Ragolski and Martin Schricke are about to embark on an extreme hike-and-fly mission, to make the 1,000km crossing of the driest desert on earth, the Atacama in Chile.

Starting in Copiapó the pair will be making their way through remote deserts and steep coastal cliffs with few landing options, all the way to Arica in the extreme North of Chile.

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Mon, Oct 20 2014, 10:47:25 am MST

Dealing with turbulence

Dealing with turbulence

Birds tuck their wings

NY Times article and video. 

When an aircraft hits turbulence, bad things can happen.  At the very least, passengers may feel an unpleasant lurch in their stomachs.

But soaring birds, however they may feel, seem better able to deal with sudden gusts, said Graham K. Taylor, a mathematical biologist at the University of Oxford.

And the way they do it, he and his colleagues Kate V. Reynolds and Adrian L.R. Thomas have found, is by momentarily pulling in their wings — a maneuver called a wing tuck.

The behavior has long been observed in big soaring birds like eagles and vultures.  But the three scientists recently reported in The Journal of the Royal Society Interface that they have documented the maneuver in “a level of detail that’s completely unprecedented” and shown that the tuck is different from regular wing flapping.

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Mon, Oct 20 2014, 8:24:16 am MST

Instant VG improvement

Instant VG improvement

The pulley needs replacement

Jonathan Dietch <<nmerider>> writes:

A few days ago, the VG on my T2C 144 started going all clunky after about the 10th pull on the rope.  It got progressively worse with each iteration but only when I'd pull on tension and not when I'd back off.  I had no clue what was causing this and after I landed I assumed it was the cover bag tied in front of the X-bar joint impinging on the floating VG pulley.  However, this seemed less than believable since I have done hundreds of such flights with no incidents.  My T2C airframe was built in 2009, and I am well into the 380-hour range of the second after retiring the first sail with 500 hours on it.

I decided it was time to replace the rear VG rope and inspect the right-hand control bar leg for possible snags or twists.  When I removed the stainless bushing from the corner bracket I got a surprise.  The little ball bearing had all of the balls on one side of the race which explained the eccentric action when I'd pull tension.  It then fell apart and I took the photo with my cell phone.  I replaced the bearing with a spare that had 200 hours on it from another glider and the next flight yielded lower VG friction than at any time in the past 400 hours.

I ran into Steve Pearson at Andy Jackson and mentioned all of this.  He told me something to the effect that he replaces his every few hundred hours and that these are stock bearings that can be purchased in small quantities as low as $2 per bearing.  Longer lasting ceramic versions can be picked up for a lot more money.  After some researching it appears the standard designation is something like R1810ZZ which produces the same size bearing that Wills Wing lists as 20P-1270 in its price list.  I bought four on FleaBay for $6.56 ppd.  These are also commonly used in R/C helicopters and may be found at some hobby retailers.

Meanwhile, an inspection of all the Delrin ball bearing pulleys revealed that most of these had around 4X the amount of play as a new pulley.  I will be replacing 7 more pulleys shortly.  My T2C 144 airframe has roughly 890 hours and most of the VG pulleys are the originals.  It works great with the newer corner bracket pulley but the last thing I want is another jam in flight.

No way I'm spending $50 on boutique pulley when I can buy steel versions for $1.75 each then just swap 'em every few hundred hours.  I need to get off my ass and do more frequent and thorough periodic maintenance anyway.  Pearson's running joke with me is that I'm about the only Wills Wing customer who replaces equipment before it goes obsolete because I wear it out first.

I have scary stories about pilots who didn't inspect and replace critical parts and knew better.  I don't want to have any stories like these to tell.  I prefer a boring life however I have had more potentially great X/C flights blown because of some teeny tiny maintenance failure on my part.  I had good flights but lost great flights at least two dozen times due to this typical slacking.

I just found a good deal on ceramic hybrid bearings for the corner bracket:

These are fully sealed for dirty environments and so I bought a set of 4 for $17.89 including postage.

And they make a low-friction version for the more finicky pilot:

The latter kit includes two grease-filled and two oil-filled bearings.  I feel safer with grease even though the quantity of oil is probably miniscule, I just don't want oil near my glider or harness.

The grease needs to be broken in but that's for R/C race cars and I doubt the drag from the grease will even be noticed by a pilot whether it's been broken in or not.  After I test my new Boca ceramic hybrid bearing I will report back.

Meanwhile I have all new pulley to install for the rest of the VG system.  It will be fun to see if I even notice any difference or not.  My friend left his Lightspeed with Kraig Coomber for a VG system pulley overhaul and I am anxious to hear how he likes the result of that transformation.

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Mon, Oct 20 2014, 8:23:49 am MST

The US Competition Calendar

The US Competition Calendar

Hang Gliding and Paragliding

Start Date* End Date* Event Location
Apr 5 Apr 11 The Green Swamp Sport Klassic Quest Air Hang Gliding, Groveland, Florida
May 3 May 9 ECPC (East Coast Paragliding Championships) NeverLand Flight Park, La Belle, Florida
May 9 May 15 2015 Quest Air Open National Championships Sheets Field, Groveland, Florida
May 17 May 23 Flytec Race & Rally Start: Quest Air, Groveland, Florida
May 31 Jun 6 East Coast Hang Gliding Championship Highland Aerosports, Ridgely, Maryland
Jun 14 Jun 20 Rat Race/Sprint Paragliding Competitions
(Dates based on proposed Chelan event dates)
Woodrat Mountain, Ruch, Oregon
Jul 12 Jul 18 Chelan Flats Pre-PWC Chelan Butte, Chelan, Washington
Aug 2 Aug 8 2015 Big Spring Nationals Big Spring McMahon-Wrinkle Airport, Big Spring, Texas
Aug 9 Aug 15 2015 US Nationals Race the Wasatch Inspiration Point, Provo, Utah
Aug 30 Sep 5 Dinosaur 2015 Cliff Ridge / Blue Mountain, Colorado/Utah
Sep 13 Sep 19 Santa Cruz Flats Race - Mark Knight Memorial Competition Francisco Grande Golf Resort, Casa Grande, Arizona
Sep 20 Sep 26 Owens Valley Cross Country Classic 2015 Owens Valley, Bishop, California and

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Mon, Oct 20 2014, 8:23:07 am MST

2015 Flytec Race and Rally

2015 Flytec Race and Rally

Right after the Quest Air Open National Championships N28+31.982+,W081+50.800+,Quest+Air,+Groveland,+Florida,+USA(Quest Air, Groveland, Florida, USA)

Jamie Shelden <<naughtylawyer>> writes:

Steve Kroop and I have been talking over the past couple of day here at the USHPA meeting (always a baaaad thing ;-).  We’ve decided that with a fixed base comp at Quest next year, this is an ideal time to revive the Race and Rally.  I’ve had heaps of people beg us to do it again and (like childbirth), I’m now only remembering all the fun we had rallying - thankfully, only vague memories of how much of chore it all was.  So, we’re going to do it again!  We’re really excited!  Dates will be the same as we had planned for the Americus Cup and with any luck, we will get a chance to go through Americus (and Moultrie and Vidalia…and who knows where else).

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Sat, Oct 18 2014, 9:20:22 am MST

Telomoyo Cup Indonesia

Telomoyo Cup Indonesia

Cross winds and then a day of spot landings

Tove Heaney <<hannah>> writes:

No flying on Friday.  Wind was too cross.  A handful of pilots free flew after we cancelled the day at 3pm.

Tomorrow is fun flying with spot landing for the spectators, paramotor display and presentation dinner.

Wesley Hill scored this competition remotely from Australia.  We just provided him with the downloads via Dropbox.

Worked really well.  The whole competition was a huge team effort.

Looks like Grant was the winner.

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Fri, Oct 17 2014, 9:44:36 am MST

Another old guy goes far

Another old guy goes

400 km plus in Brazil -4.966456,-39.009705,Quixadá,+Brazil(Quixadá, Brazil)

Eduardo Jacintho W Oliveira <<eduardo>> writes:

He is French, but I consider him one of the most local pilots in Brazilian Nordeste, the Meca of Hang Gliding.  He has been coming fly in Quixadá area every year, for more then 10 years in a row.  Makes him the 4th guy to accomplish Tacima-Quixadá mission!  Well done Patrick (He's way over 60 years old.)

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Fri, Oct 17 2014, 9:35:09 am MST

Canungra Classic 2015 happens soon

Canungra Classic 2015 happens soon

October 22nd -28.118319,153.203487,Beechmont,+QLD,+Australia(Beechmont, QLD, Australia)

Jonny's triangle from Mt. Tamborine getting ready for the competition:

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Fri, Oct 17 2014, 9:34:34 am MST

Twenty four mile glide at Crestline

Twenty four mile glide at Crestline

Ridge soaring N+34+11.586,W+117+19.414,Andy+Jackson+Flight+Park,+San+Bernardino,+CA,+USA(Andy Jackson Flight Park, San Bernardino, CA, USA)

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Thu, Oct 16 2014, 8:54:33 am MST

Telomoyo Cup Indonesia

Telomoyo Cup Indonesia

Grant in the lead

Open Class:

# Name Nat Total
1 Grant Heaney AUS 1629
4 Jeasun Moon KOR 998

Sport class:




Some awesome flying shots by Korean pilot Jun Ki Jung.  Showing the goal /resort, one of the towns and Mt.Telomoyo (Lake and valley behind)

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Thu, Oct 16 2014, 8:46:26 am MST

Bill Moyes Receives FAI Gold Air Medal

Bill Moyes Receives FAI Gold Air Medal

And I thought that they were going to the beach

Very special moment, we are in Thailand at the 108th FAI General Conference for Bill to accept his Gold Air Medal.  Congratulations Bill Moyes and Molly Moyes!

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Thu, Oct 16 2014, 8:46:08 am MST

Hang gliding in Texas on PBS

Hang gliding in Texas on PBS

Minute 18

Danny Jones <<cotelebro>> writes:

We got some flying exposure on PBS!  Fun starts about minute 18

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Thu, Oct 16 2014, 8:45:53 am MST

Rent a really big wind tunnel

Rent a really big wind tunnel

The US government goes to the maker faire

This week, President Obama is highlighting what anyone who’s ever bought a driftwood birdhouse on Etsy or crowdfunded a robotic cockroach already knows: The maker movement is gaining steam.  Today, Obama will announce a new program to give inventors access to $5 billion in equipment at 700 federal research and development facilities.  Tomorrow, the White House will host a Maker Faire, a festival for crafters, amateur inventors, and all manner of do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Thanks to Dave Glover

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Thu, Oct 16 2014, 8:45:33 am MST

Forbes 'Big Spring' Floater Comp October 2014

Forbes 'Big Spring' Floater Comp October 2014

The wrap up 33+21+44.60+S,+147+55+46.60+E,Forbes+airfield,+Australia(Forbes airfield, Australia)

We had an awesome time at the 2014 Forbes Big Spring competition held over the October labour day long weekend.

The 4 day comp delivered 3 great days of flying.  And epic weekend of firsts for so many pilots; first thermals, first XC's, first goals, and a huge first place cash prize!

The ultimate goal of this comp is about building skills and giving our newer pilots a chance to fly with and learn from the pilots who have years of XC flying experience.  It's also a very social comp, the dinners that are made every night (for 80 people!) By Vicki and Molly were incredible.  And it's these meals that set the tone for a fun and social atmosphere.

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Thu, Oct 16 2014, 8:44:50 am MST

If you are organizing a competition

If you are organizing a competition

And want the world to know about your proposed dates in advance 32.881678,-111.854982,Francisco+Grande,+Casa+Grande,+Arizona,+
USA(Francisco Grande, Casa Grande, Arizona, USA)

If you aren't already signed up to add and edit competitions just email me and I'll put you on the list.  davis and he's at

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Wed, Oct 15 2014, 10:23:52 am MST

Telomoyo Cup Indonesia

Telomoyo Cup Indonesia

Grant in the lead

Open Class:

# Name Nat Total
1 Grant Heaney AUS 1253
3 Jeasun Moon KOR 845
10 FERRY INA 610

Sport class:

1 WAWAN INA 404 217 157 778


1 FERRY INA 267 172 171 610

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Wed, Oct 15 2014, 10:18:54 am MST

Telomoyo Cup Indonesia

Telomoyo Cup Indonesia

Tove helps organize

Tove writes:

We are having a blast here in Indonesia.  I was asked to come over to help run the comp and thought this will be a great adventure and signed up to come.  Everything is organised for us visitors from Korea and Australia.  We are being chauffeured around everywhere.  Picked up from the airport, to and from our hotel, up and down the mountain, all retrieves are organised.  If you need to go somewhere there is a car available to take you (even shopping).

Driving here is crazy, with cars and mopeds going in every direction, wrong side of the road doesn’t matter, but after some days we are starting to see the system in the chaos.  It actually works really well!  Whole families on motorbikes, no helmet, I even saw a mother driving with one hand as she was holding her baby with the other!

Lunch is being provided on the mountain for us crew or in the goal tent where most pilots land (or get retrieved to) even if they don’t make the whole task.  At goal there is a huge restaurant complex in the middle of the rice field.  It has a floating restaurant and the water is full of colourful big fish.  There are restaurants everywhere and dinner will cost you $3-5 per person including drinks.  Take away food comes to your door on the moped street kitchen.  I had a look in the fridge here at HQ were many are staying and it's empty.  Either we eat fresh coconuts or fruit from the garden or we just eat out or takeaway/brought to your door.

Grant is starting to get the hang of the flying here.  He has flown every day since we arrived.

The ramp is super easy launch, once you get over the first impression, as it looks quite scary, as it is so high (Reminds me of Mt.Buffalo, Australia)!  1400m above landing.  I’ve been launching pilots off the ramp for many days now and it’s so safe and reliable.

We got the set up and feed to the ramp (still another ramp 100m up the road we are not even using) working perfect.  Field is split in half, set up on the road, either side of the ramp and we simply feed the launch from both sides.  Today we launched 30 pilots in 33 min, and that included a little waiting a few times, for the gliders thermaling right in front of the ramp.  We could easy handle more pilots, as set up is no issue on the road in both directions, and we still have another ramp we could use.

Mt.Telomoyo is amazing, it always seems to be on.  We have had days with a lot of wind on the flats, we get up to launch and its 2kt straight in on the ramp.  We can see the wind coming over the back on the ridges surrounding the mountain, but on the launch is 2kt and straight in and still smooth in the air.  Today cloudbase was below the top when we got there, but at 12.30 cloudbase lifted and we had 2-5kt straight up the ramp.

The air has been quite hazy here the last two days , but its super smooth and a combination between convergences and thermals.  Cloudbase was low above Mt.Telomoyo today but as soon as you got going away from the mountain is got higher.

Yesterday’s winner, Korean Jun Ki Jung, got up from 100m at the second turnpoint and blitzed the field after that.

Landings are big flat rice fields but you need to pick the dry ones.  In my opinion not too bad as in worse case you will have a safe landing, but just get wet feet!

Today is Day 3 and we had a 45km task with 5 turnpoints.  Just spoke to Grant and he was at 5000ft just needing one more to get to goal he was flying with very experienced Roy Sadewo from Indonesia.

In Goal there is 200 school children, many other spectators, farmers, press and photographers waiting to greet them.  All happening here in Java, Indonesia.

Ersy Firman, the main instigator of this competition, has poured an enormous amount of time, effort and resources to make this event happen.  We have staff, crew and helpers everywhere plus all the specialist care like specialist medical teams, air traffic controller to communicate with the major airports etc.  Ersy is planning to organise more competitions so if anyone is after a well organised flying adventure I would highly recommend to join in.  Once you are here everything is taken care of.We feel like privileged guests here and once you get to know the Indonesians you can’t stop laughing all day.  They are all half-crazy in a fabulous way!

Just driving around is also entertainment on its own.  It actually cools down at night so we don’t even have the air con on for sleeping.

Sorry have to run, GPS’s are arriving!

Tagor Siagian <<tagorgantolle>> sends:

Telomoyo Cup 2014 International Hang Gliding Championship, Semarang District, Central Java, INDONESIA, October 12-19.  30 pilots from three countries are taking part.  Grant Heaney (Australia), Korea (4) and 25 host pilots from Indonesia.


Roy Sadewo (Jakarta/Indonesia)

Sy Firman (Jakarta/Indonesia) taking off at Telomoyo Mountain, Semarang district, Central Java, Indonesia, Sunday (10/12).

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Wed, Oct 15 2014, 10:18:19 am MST

Dustin below the landing zone

Dustin below the landing zone

Coming up to land N+34+11.586,W+117+19.414,Andy+Jackson+Flight+Park,+San+Bernardino,+CA,+USA(Andy Jackson Flight Park, San Bernardino, CA, USA)

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Wed, Oct 15 2014, 9:54:25 am MST

A marketplace for used aviation equipment

A marketplace for used aviation equipment

In Austria and Switzerland

Thanks to Tomas Pellicci

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Wed, Oct 15 2014, 9:53:35 am MST

2015 Team Challenge results

2015 Team Challenge results

They flew for five days 35+22+03.4,-85+19+19.2,Henson+s+Gap+ramp,+TN,+USA(Henson s Gap ramp, TN, USA)

Ollie Gregory <<olliettt1955>> writes:

TC 2014 was a blast.  Had five flyable days with someone soaring all of them.  The seminars were amazing with Dennis Pagen, Mike Barber, Mitch Shipley, Eric Carden, Maria and Pedro Garcia helping us out.  We had fun and flew a lot.  It was light on several days, as it often is this time of year, but we had plenty of flying and many pilots got out for some impressive task completions.  Our A pilot to B or C pilot ratios were one to one this year which really helped with the cross country coaching and mentoring efforts.

The excellent video launch clinics and landing seminars again proved to be the most important thing we do to keep pilots flying safely.  The rest is all gravy!  The soaring and XC seminars were super this year with the pros tag teaming most of them.  The karaoke and awards parties were the most fun ever!  Hope more people come out next year.  We will do a better job of promoting TTT Team Challenge in 2015.  This exceptional event is held at the fabulous Tennessee Tree Toppers club in Dunlap TN, hang gliding capital of the East.

The results were tabulated using a unique scoring program which looks at TEAM scores equating 1000 for a perfect day.  Fair no matter the team makeup.  Thank you Eric Carden for figuring this all out.

Thanks to Flytec USA, Wills Wing, Lookout Mountain Flight Park, Moyes USA and our most generous TTT member, Kip Stone for all the support.

Hope we have a crowd next year.

1 Clowns & Jokers 844
2 Wind DumbyZ 635
3 Blind Squirrels 610
4 Altitude Deficit Disorder 385
5 Critical Mass 382
6 Sky High 223

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