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Tue, Sep 30 2014, 9:22:01 am MST

Jamie at the Team Challenge

Jamie at the Team Challenge

The competition is on 35+22+03.4,-85+19+19.2,Henson+s+Gap+ramp,+TN,+USA(Henson s Gap ramp, TN, USA)

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Tue, Sep 30 2014, 9:00:47 am MST

Don't release

Don't release


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Tue, Sep 30 2014, 9:00:31 am MST

Grants Pass Airport Day Stationary Tow Demo

Grants Pass Airport Day Stationary Tow Demo

Stationary Tow System

Jim Tibbs, <<info>>, Southern Oregon Air Riders, USHPA Chapter No.  288, writes:

Several members of SOAR were present in various capacities to participate in the recent air show at Josephine County airport.

Demonstrating a stationary tow system for hang gliders.  This system is not only used for high tows, but is also a useful tool for teaching the fundamentals of hang gliding.  Contact Southern Oregon Airsports ( for more info about learning to hang glide.

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Tue, Sep 30 2014, 9:00:01 am MST

It was exceptionally hot in Australia

It was exceptionally hot in Australia

And climate change is the cause 33+21+44.60+S,+147+55+46.60+E,Forbes+airfield,+Australia(Forbes airfield, Australia)

NY Times articles here.

The savage heat waves that struck Australia in 2013 were almost certainly a direct consequence of the human release of greenhouse gases, researchers said Monday.  It is perhaps the most definitive statement climate scientists have made that ties a specific weather event to global warming.

Five groups of researchers, using distinct methods, analyzed the heat that baked Australia for much of last year and continued into 2014, shutting down the Australian Open tennis tournament at one point in January.  All five came to the conclusion that last year’s heat waves could not have been as severe without the long-term climatic warming caused by human activity.

“When we look at the heat across the whole of Australia and the whole 12 months of 2013, we can say that this was virtually impossible without climate change,” said David Karoly, a climate scientist at the University of Melbourne who led one research team.

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Mon, Sep 29 2014, 9:10:04 am MST

New GoPro's announced

New GoPro's announced

A new $130 basic model

Hero: The big deal about the new baseline GoPro—yup, just called the Hero—is its $130 price tag.  Aside from that, it’s pretty much the same as what we’ve seen in GoPros from the year’s past, priced at $200 or more.  The Hero delivers 1080p video at 30 frames per second, or 720p video at 60fps.  Still photos top out at 5 megapixels with a 5 frames-per-second burst mode.  GoPro says the new model will offer 2.5 hours of recording time.

Hero4 Silver: The $400 mid-range model’s bragging right’s over last year’s Hero3 Silver are faster frame rates and new touch-screen controls on the back—a first for a GoPro camera.

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Mon, Sep 29 2014, 8:30:06 am MST



GoPro on board

Video here

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Mon, Sep 29 2014, 8:25:27 am MST

Proposed USHPA competition calendar

Proposed USHPA competition calendar

Sanction your competition

Also the dates used for the 2014 competitions.

Sanction applications due October 12th.  It's all on-line.

If you fly in an international competition and want your results counted be sure to send them in to the USHPA here:

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Mon, Sep 29 2014, 8:24:11 am MST

Over Rio

Over Rio

Statue soaring

Pilot And photos: Fábio Thomaz

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Mon, Sep 29 2014, 8:23:21 am MST

Morningside 40th Anniversary

Morningside 40th Anniversary

Toga! 43.321884,-72.371471,357+Morningside+Lane++Charlestown,+NH+03603(357 Morningside Lane Charlestown, NH 03603)

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Fri, Sep 26 2014, 10:19:51 pm MST

Flytec - new instruments

Flytec - new instruments


An early prototype of the 7030.  Hardware is set.  The software is being worked on.

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Fri, Sep 26 2014, 9:26:18 am MST

2014 Coupe-Care last weekend

2014 Coupe-Care last weekend

Fun flying

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Fri, Sep 26 2014, 9:06:09 am MST

The 2015 Paragliding Worlds at Roldanillo

The 2015 Paragliding Worlds at Roldanillo

Airtribune, the official registration site. 4.416929,-76.14933,Roldanillo(Roldanillo)

Stefan Malbos <<stefmalbos>> writes:

Pre-registration of the pilots and official NAC nomination of pilots and teams must be made at the official web site:  All pilots must be nominated by their NAC prior to 15th October 2014.

Registration process: all pilots must individually register on the official website prior to 15th October 2014.  NACs must upload an official letter with authorising stamp or signature naming each pilot eligible to compete in the championship, complete with the pilot’s CIVL ID number.  Pilots not officially nominated at 15th October 2014 will be disregarded.

A couple of interesting items here.  First, the meet organizers have chosen Airtribune as their official registration web site, which they have to do if they are going to use Airtribune for live tracking (which showed great results last year in Roldanillo).  So Airtribune gets the stamp of approval from CIVL, when they were earlier opposed to free live tracking.

Second, Airtribune doesn't have a separate team registration web page, just an individual pilot registration page.  Previous worlds had both.  This is why CIVL is requiring that the NAC's send in an official letter.  Letter?  Upload where?  If it is an email, what does a stamp entail?  The US has never had a stamp.  Maybe they mean a logo?

I'm sure that all the pilots will have a great time in Colombia.

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Fri, Sep 26 2014, 8:49:51 am MST

Flying Spots

Flying Spots

15,000 is a non-profit website for paragliding (and hang gliding) pilots who want to discover new flying areas.  With a simple download you get a free of charge 'KMZ'-database with so far over 15.000 international launches and landing zones, for browsing with Google Earth.  Additionally, I offer waypoint files for GPS navigation instruments.  With you get the complete picture, worldwide.

I use Google Earth, because it is free, and it is the best for this purpose.  The 3D terrain view and the possibility to load and view XC cross country flights lead to a quick understanding of new areas.  On top, you can calculate a go-to route and explore the surroundings with Google Earth.

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Fri, Sep 26 2014, 8:10:04 am MST



Ground data for the whole planet

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Fri, Sep 26 2014, 8:07:48 am MST

Oudie 3 flight computer

Oudie 3 flight computer

Interview with Andrej

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Thu, Sep 25 2014, 8:44:54 am MST

Flying sites in France

Flying sites in France

Both hang gliding and paragliding (despite the filter)

Thanks to Jim Rooney

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Thu, Sep 25 2014, 8:29:12 am MST

The Hang Glider Calendar 2015

The Hang Glider Calendar 2015

Send in your pictures

Sander van Schaik <<sander>> writes:

The Hang Glider Calendar 2015 is coming up.  But before designing it, I ask all pilots to send their photos to make this calendar again possible.  This year I am happy with great updates, so sending in pictures is even more interesting.

Every photo used as a big photo on the Calendar (12+1), will get a free Calendar The 13 photos for the Facebook-like-contest will battle for: 4Fight MR Helmet (sponsored by Icaro) 3 x Vaavud wind meter (sponsored by Pancho Amelia) More coming up.  Photos can be send until October 15.

Last year, together with Matjaz Klemencic, there was a Facebook-like-contest to win a Isaw Sports Camera which was sponsored by Pancho Amelia.  The winner was Andrey Solomykin from Russia.  He got 116 likes for his photo.

It is only possible for me to design a Calendar with the input of your hang glider photos.  I hope you made some nice photos and you want to share them for the Hang Glider Calendar.  If you like this idea, please send your hang glider pictures to me (<sander>).  Please include the pilots- and photographer's name as well as the location where the picture was taken.  If you have got a lot of megabytes to send, you could use free services like

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Wed, Sep 24 2014, 4:43:50 pm MST

Towing crash at Forbes

Towing crash at Forbes

Only news from the local Forbes paper so far 33+21+44.60+S,+147+55+46.60+E,Forbes+airfield,+Australia(Forbes airfield, Australia)

A man was airlifted to Westmead Hospital with head injuries after a hang gliding accident at Forbes aerodrome on Tuesday afternoon.

It appears the man, who is from Sydney, was being towed up by a light aircraft but shortly after he left the launching trolley he crashed back to the ground.

Ambulance media officers said his condition had been stabilised but he was suffering serious injuries including to his head and face.

Police believe the man, in his 30s, was an inexperienced hang glider but they have not been able to clarify exactly what went amiss on launching.

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Wed, Sep 24 2014, 4:35:04 pm MST

2014 Santa Cruz Flats Race

2014 Santa Cruz Flats Race

Steve Morris' videos from his Millennium 32.881678,-111.854982,Francisco+Grande,+Casa+Grande,+Arizona,+USA(Francisco Grande, Casa Grande, Arizona, USA)

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