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  • +2022 Green Swamp Sport Klassic(Fri 9:05pm)The Airtribune web site is up

    2022 Green Swamp Sport Klassic

    Fri, Oct 15 2021, 7:05:31 pm MDT
    The Airtribune web site is up

    Airtribune|Green Swamp Sport Klassic 2022

    Check out the great stories from the previous Green Swamp Sport Klassics.

    Registration appears to be open now.

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  • +Wills Wing News(Fri 6:56pm)Up and running and taking orders

    Wills Wing News

    Fri, Oct 15 2021, 4:56:34 pm MDT
    Up and running and taking orders

    News|Paul Voight|Steve Pearson|Wills Wing|COVID

    Paul Voight writes:

    On Wednesday night I participated in a video call with the new Wills Wing team and a few larger dealers from all over the planet. The new factory and staff are all set up in Valle De Bravo, Mexico and they are ready to start accepting orders.

    There are still some supply chain issues (from Covid-19, basically), so some tubing and cloth options are still not in house yet, but they anticipate that these issues will be resolved in the not too distant future.

    Obviously, they will take a while to have all the products in house (parachutes, helmets, wheels, apparel, etc), but eventually, they will be as functional as the previous version of the world class Wills Wing was.

    They indicated that the design team (lead by Steve Pearson) will (as always) be looking to continue innovating and improving their product line.

    All of this is great news for the sport. Wills Wing is arguably the most innovative, influential and proactive promoter of the crafts and products that have allowed this sport to develop to the point it has today. I, for one, am stoked.

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In the latest issue:

(25.158, Friday, October 8, 2021) +
  • +Krys' Drogue Incident 8-15-21(Fri 12:43am)New and untested chute

    Krys' Drogue Incident 8-15-21

    Thu, Oct 7 2021, 10:43:50 pm MDT
    New and untested chute

    bridle|drogue|Greg Dinauer|Krzysztof "Krys/Kris" Grzyb|Larry Bunner|Moyes RX 3.5|triangle|Whitewater

    Larry Bunner reports:

    On 8-15-21 Krys Grzyb and Greg Dinauer set an 83km triangle task from Twin Oaks airport in Whitewater, WI east to East Troy, northwest to McDermott airport and then southwest back to Twin Oaks. Greg aborted the task early and flew back to the airport. Krys was doing well getting over 5200’agl on nine climbs. He tagged the first two turn-points and was headed back to the airport.

    To this point he had been in the air for 2hr 15min of which over 1½ hours was above 4200’. The winds were 5-9mph from the southeast. Sustained climbs over 1000’ were averaging about 350fpm with one climb averaging 770fpm. He found a thermal just past the last turnpoint 18km out and climbed 300 feet to ~4400’. He needed about a 12:1 glide to get back with a crossing tail wind. He confidently left the last climb knowing he could make it and even if he hit increased sink, he would hit a thermal soon enough.

    He went on a long glide sinking over 300fpm and was soon down below 1000’. He selected a narrow field of grass along a farm for his LZ. Approaching from the southeast at 500’ he unzipped the drogue pouch and began extracting it from the pocket. His intent was to deploy it near the ground but the drogue slipped away and accidentally deployed.

    Immediately the glider turned right and his sink rate increased to 600+fpm. He pulled in on the control bar, the glider began to pitch down and the sink rate increased to over 900fpm (peak). Thinking the drogue malfunctioned, he reached back to grab the bridle but couldn’t find it. He instantly began to correct for the turning dive. With extreme effort the glider rounded out pointing downwind and just above the corn. The glider, slowed somewhat by the corn, whacked in hard but the glider and Kris were miraculously unharmed. Pretty shaken, he called to the airport to get a retrieve; Greg and Chico showed up quickly to help get the equipment out of the corn.

    Krys has used a drogue chute for many years. This particular drogue was developed to train runners to improve their speed. It has one long bridle that runs back to the chute shroud lines. These lines are short relative to the length of the bridle. He used this type of chute for several years with the drogue deploying aft of the keel. This spring he purchased a new drogue from a different manufacturer and replaced his old worn one. He did not compare bridle lengths before installation. Up to this flight the new drogue had not been tested/deployed. After landing, Kris discovered that the keel had penetrated between the shroud lines and the drogue was affixed/centered around the keel.

    The bridle length was a couple inches shorter than his previous drogue. When the drogue accidentally deployed, the position of the drogue effectively provided a lifting surface on the end of the keel. When the control bar was pulled in to increase sink rate, the forces on the aft end of the keel decreased the nose angle further thus progressively increasing the sink rate (to the point the nose was pointed at the ground). It took close to all of Krys’ strength to push the bar out far enough to overcome the resistance to level out the glider before entering the tall corn.

    In the moment, he focused entirely on recovering the glider turn and descent and felt there wasn’t enough time or altitude to throw his main parachute. His Moyes RX 3.5 sprogs were at the factory settings. Corrective actions that Krys has taken or intends to take include: shorten bridle to prevent keel interaction, add an extra line to one of the shrouds and the harness loop to give access to the pilot to deflate the drogue, and adding a drogue release so the drogue can be cut loose from the pilot.

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  • +CIVL World Online XC Contest 2021(Fri 12:44am)The hang gliding winners

    CIVL World Online XC Contest 2021

    Thu, Oct 7 2021, 10:44:30 pm MDT
    The hang gliding winners

    CIVL|World Online XC Contest 2021|Alain Chauvet|Christopher Friedl|Corinna Schwiegershausen|Claudio Deflorian|Glauco Pinto|Konrad Heilmann|Pascal Lanser|Patrick Chopard Lallier|Philippe Harignordoquy|Alexandra "Sasha" Serebrennikova|Stella Potgieter|Toni Raumauf

      Class 1 - 292 pilots participated

    • Konrad Hailmann (Brazil) - 1758.61 points, the best flight 428.32km in Tacima (Brazil)
    • Glauco Pinto (Brazil) - 1724.20 points, the best flight 467.68km in Tacima (Brazil)
    • Alain Chauvet (France) - 1671.44 points, the best flight 233.65km in Chabre Espranons (France)

      Class 5 - 115 pilots participated, the top three being:

    • Toni Raumauf (Austria) - 2125.41 points, the best flight 359.37km in Kossen, Scheibenwald (Austria)
    • Christopher Friedl (Austria) - 1704.62 points, the best flight 328.54km in Bischling (Austria)
    • Deflorian Claudio (Italy) - 1482.12 points, the best flight 206.53km in Col Rodella (Italy)

      Class 2 - 14 pilots participated, the best being:

    • Patrick Chopard Lallier (France) - 2074.95 points, the best flight 291.03km in Aérodrome Aspres - le Chevalet (France)
    • Philippe Harignordoquy (France) - 2035.00 points, the best flight 287.23km in Aérodrome le Chevalet (France)
    • Pascal Lanser (France) - 1946.15 points, the best flight 254.85km in Aérodrome de Villerupt (France)

      Women Class 1 - 17 pilots participated, the best being:

    • Sasha Serebrennikova (Russia) - 851.86 points, the best flight 283.90km in Schöckl near Graz (Austria)
    • Corinna Schwiegershausen (Germany) - 729.73 points, the best flight 152.82km in Monte Cucco (Italy)
    • Stella Potgieter (France) - 716.72 points, the best flight 102.22km Chabre Sud (France)

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The one before that:

(25.157, Thursday, October 7, 2021) +
  • +Wills Wing Progresses(Wed 11:25pm)In Valle de Bravo

    Wills Wing Progresses

    Wed, Oct 6 2021, 9:25:05 pm MDT
    In Valle de Bravo

    Rudy Gotes|Wills Wing

    Rudy Gotes at "Wills Wing" «info» writes:

    First of all, I want to thank you for your patience and continued support! It’s been a busy and exciting time at Wills Wing, and I wanted to send an update on our plans and timing for resuming operations.

    I'm excited to share that all of our machines, equipment, and inventory have been moved to their new home in Valle de Bravo! We've been working non-stop to get everything arranged and set up. Staff training is underway and we are happy to have a very talented team in the sail loft and machine shop.

    I'm sure you're anxious to know when we will resume taking orders. In the next month, we’ll share a simple process to submit your customer requests for gliders, harnesses, helmets, and reserve parachutes. While this is not a formal order, it will help with our inventory planning as we ramp up production. Once our new factory is fully up and running, we’ll follow up with you to collect more comprehensive details for the order. We expect to resume production this fall with glider delivery by the spring of 2022.

    I will send an update each month through the end of the year to keep you in the loop on our progress, and you can always email me directly («Rudy») if you have questions. I've also included our FAQ here, that I hope will answer some additional questions you may have.

    You are a crucial part of Wills Wing’s history -and our future- and we are so grateful for your support through this transition!

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